• Reduce absenteeism and build stronger staff relationships

    Mentally healthy staff are less likely to be absent from work. Create an environment of support and understanding to help people feel comfortable with their mental health.

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  • Increase empathy and improve your employer brand

    Drive the best talent to your business by demonstrating a transparent and caring workplace culture.

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  • Reduce absenteeism and build stronger staff relationships

    Mentally healthy staff are less likely to be absent from work. Create an environment of support and understanding to help people feel comfortable with their mental health.

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Using practical tools and techniques our wellbeing solution creates a mentally stronger workforce.

Our approach

Our therapeutic approach is made more successful by the use of specific practical tools and techniques that staff can use at their desks. They help people to feel they have an immediate solution to their mental health concern and shared with colleagues to become part of a positive change in your workplace culture.
We run a series of wellbeing assessments to identify the core areas of mental health need in the business, presenting statistical evidence-base for your chosen wellbeing programme. We carry out wellbeing assessments on completion of the programme to provide clear, comparative data to judge the success of our programme. Allowing you to see the tangible benefits and positive difference being made in your business with clear evidence to support it.
The format of our psycho-educational courses means we deliver sessional learning with a consistent group to ensure longer term positive impact with regular achievable application. The courses are typically six two-hour sessions, delivered fortnightly or monthly, strengthening staff relationships over time and resulting in self sustaining and empowered support networks that stay in the business even when we have gone!

Our training

Chakra training programmes are delivered and facilitated by an expert team of therapists and wellbeing practitioners to ensure people are kept safe and in control whilst exploring their mental health. The focus of our programmes is on tackling root causes of work related stress through increasing self-awareness for long-term impact and positive change.

Our mental health at work training school uses tools and techniques derived from counselling and psychotherapy, and personal growth strategies to increase self-awareness and empower staff to take charge of their own mental health.
Delivered in an interactive and experiential style to ensure that our training courses keep your staff engaged and enthused. The structure encourages delegates to safely explore and become aware of their own patterns, implementing new perspectives, coping strategies and behaviours whilst they are in the room. Our emphasis on the empowerment of staff aims to reduce pressure on management, HR and line management.

Bespoke Courses

There is no 'one-size-fits-all when it comes to mental health and we will make sure your business needs are fulfilled to result in mentally-well teams. We invest time through mental health assessments and deeper-level conversation with staff to observe the mental health picture of your business then create a bespoke wellbeing solution that meets the identified needs.

We use early intervention approaches to increase productivity to destigmatise and increase both awareness and ability to manage mental health issues in the workplace. This helps businesses save money by helping people recover faster whilst in their jobs, reducing the need for sickness absence or have other colleagues picking up the workload for mentally unwell staff.


  • Increase mental and emotional capacity to optimise performance.
  • To reduce sickness absence related to stress and mental health difficulties.?
  • To introduce a new culture and shared vision of positivity, focus and openness.
  • To develop understanding of how stress and mental health issues impact wellbeing.
  • To equip staff with tools which can be used independently to take control of mental and emotional states.
"When staff are mentally unwell, there is a significant cost to business. This is estimated to be between £33-42 billions pounds every year."

Our Channels


Regular tips and info on creating mentally healthy workplaces as well as the latest thinking in how to implement a great corporate and employee wellbeing strategy.


We run a variety of events on all sorts of mental health and wellbeing topics over the year. Our next event will be on Wednesday 6th March with Leeds City Council.
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