A non-invasive assessment of your mental health state

My Mood MOT
One-to-one Wellbeing Sessions

Session length: 45-60 min session
Group size:  One-to-one
Location:  Your workplace
My Mood MOT sessions are one-to-one wellbeing sessions designed to provide insight into your staff?s personal mental health circumstances and thereon understand how these can be improved. 

Together, our therapist and your colleague will run through a brief non-invasive wellbeing assessment to highlight the main areas of need and create a wellbeing action plan to be followed and reviewed at a convenient time (typically one month later). The action plan will be achievable, realistic and agreed by both parties. Sessions last one hour and can be run onsite in your working environment.

The data generated by our wellbeing assessments can be shared with you so that you may gain insight into the wellbeing of your business, however, the identifying detail will be anonymised to preserve confidentiality of our My Mood MOT clients. 

Sessions can be delivered in a way that meets your business needs and the time-availability of your staff. 

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Access a safe, confidential space to express mental health concerns
Create a structured plan to work towards your better mental health
Agree achievable mental health goals with a qualified therapist
Benchmark progress with a regular review to see how far staff have come

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