About Chakra

Chakra was founded in April 2016 by our Managing Director, Zainah Khan, in response to the experience and observation of high work stress levels in corporate working environments. 

Our training school uses tools and techniques derived from counselling and psychotherapy, and draws upon numerous personal growth strategies to increase self-awareness and empower staff to take charge of their own mental health. 

Chakra?s training has been built to increase mental strength and emotional resilience to high levels of stress, using early intervention for increased productivity. Our aim is to destigmatise and increase both awareness and ability to manage mental health issues in the workplace. 

In addition, Chakra operates a confidential one-to-one Therapy Lounge for any employee(s) who feel they would benefit from further emotional and mental health support. 

What our clients say:

"The presentation was absolutely fantastic.. People do not have to put up with any mistreatment from work, whatsoever. If Zainah could deliver this message to my Exec team, I would be extremely delighted"

David Clarkson
Rushlift / Doosan

"The points about meditation and how to relax your mind were very interesting. I was doing some things beforehand but now I know how to do them better. I think that helped a lot and it has helped other staff members here as well."

Daima Tafzeel
Health & Wellbeing Champion

"Proud to support such a great movement"

Chris Hart
Account Manager

"I really enjoyed your presentation. I was particularly impressed with the emphasis on the science behind the way the body and mind react to stress and its tendency to propagate it rather than control it."

Mark Foster
Sphere 43

"Phenomenally good. I think it would be amazing for the whole of the IoD to experience this learning!"

Natalie Sykes
Regional Director
Institute of Directors

"Just what I needed to kickstart my wellbeing journey. I feel much more in control of my stressors and know how to reduce them."

Steve Groves
Integral Financial Planning

"I have been reflecting more and reducing stereotypes"

Tim Waite
Framework Manager
Morrison Utility Services

"Relationships between colleagues are stronger."

Katie Cook
Team Leader
Morrison Utility Services

"The courses are engaging and constructive that will help people understand how to deal with stress, how to develop mental resilience, it is about building strength."

Jonathan Oxley
Managing Partner
Lupton Fawcett

"Just what I needed to kickstart my wellbeing journey. I feel much more in control of my stressors and know how to reduce them.?

Justine Mooney
HR & OD Consultant
Justine Mooney HR & OD Consulting

"Completely different to other mental health workshops. Not typical videos/exercises."

Grace Thompson
Attendance Manager
West Midlands Trains

"Thank you for such an engaging session! It was a very interesting presentation and aims at a real gap in the market in terms of need. I look forward to working with you in the future"

Zoe Popple
Events Coordinator
Chartered Institute of Building

"I feel we have a stronger support network at work now"

Kerry Barton
Senior Manager
Morrison Utility Services

"Thank you for the report. It was a very interesting presentation and aims at a real gap in the market in terms of need"

Stephen Sheard
Owner / Business Consultant
SGS Services

Chris Rabbitt


Caroline Leiper 

Counsellor & 
Group Facilitator

Jacqui Bird 

Counsellor & 
Group Facilitator

Kevin Downsworth 

Partner: First Position Performance

Zainah Khan 

Managing Director 
Lead Psychotherapist 

Zoe Thompson

Hypnotherapist & 
Group Facilitator 

Darren Good

Conflict Resolution Trainer 

Cheryl Winter

Neurodiversity Coach & Mental Imagery Facilitator

Rita Neligan Medcalf 

Partner: First Position Performance

Claire Buck

Executive Coach & 
Group Facilitator 

Dominic Lourie


Fara Alam

Call Chakra on 0113 479 0292

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