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Chakra was founded in April 2016 by our Managing Director, Zainah Khan, in response to the experience and observation of high work stress levels in corporate working environments. 

Our training school uses tools and techniques derived from counselling and psychotherapy, and draws upon numerous personal growth strategies to increase self-awareness and empower staff to take charge of their own mental health. 

Chakra?s training has been built to increase mental strength and emotional resilience to high levels of stress, using early intervention for increased productivity. Our aim is to destigmatise and increase both awareness and ability to manage mental health issues in the workplace. 

In addition, Chakra operates a confidential one-to-one Therapy Lounge for any employee(s) who feel they would benefit from further emotional and mental health support. 

What our clients say:

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Chris Rabbitt


Caroline Leiper 

Counsellor & 
Group Facilitator

Jacqui Bird 

Counsellor & 
Group Facilitator

Kevin Downsworth 

Partner: First Position Performance

Zainah Khan 

Managing Director 
Lead Psychotherapist 

Zoe Thompson

Hypnotherapist & 
Group Facilitator 

Darren Good

Conflict Resolution Trainer 

Cheryl Winter

Neurodiversity Coach & Mental Imagery Facilitator

Rita Neligan Medcalf 

Partner: First Position Performance

Claire Buck

Executive Coach & 
Group Facilitator 

Dominic Lourie


Annie Cain

Digital Marketing & Graphic Designer

Fara Alam

Call Chakra on 0113 479 0292

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