We run a range of corporate wellbeing events throughout the year. If you or your organisation are thinking of holding an event highlighting mental health in the workplace, we would love to help.

A stimulating launch event can springboard your whole mental health strategy and guarantee maximum engagement and buy-in from your people.
Our past events have included:
? Finding Your Way to Wellbeing
? Managing Anxiety, Depression and Suicidal Thoughts
? Mental Strength for the Nation Tour
? Building your Mental Strength Toolkit
? Demystifying Mental Health at Work
? Reducing Stress and Increasing Flexibility

Mental Health Awareness Week

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Mental Strength for the Nation

2018 was the year when mental health really took its place on the agenda of British Business and we contributed to this with our Mental Strength for the Nation Tour; a series of mental strength masterclasses that were delivered across the major cities of the country as the year progressed. 

Chakra's Aim

The aim of our masterclasses was to destigmatise mental health at work so they could better understand the most effective ways of supporting mentally unwell staff and easily implementing corporate wellness in their businesses. Our events attracted many HR and Learning and Development Professionals who were responsible for increasing workplace performance and devising effective wellbeing policies that would contribute to higher levels of employee engagement. 

Our Method
Our masterclasses placed focus on unpicking the signs, symptoms and indicators of the most prominent mental health issues affecting businesses across all industries and thereon explored the practical interventions that could be made to alleviate workplace mental health problems and reduce absenteeism and presenteeism. We reinforced the importance of using appropriate language when communicating with mentally unwell staff so that conversations at work could encourage a mentally healthier way of being and contribute to workplace cultures of openness, transparency and support. 

The Outcome
Our masterclasses were designed to support more resilient workplaces through creating better corporate health and wellbeing strategies and understanding how mental health at work could be achieved in simple yet effective ways.

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