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October 7, 2021
World Mental Health Day: The Impact of Inequality

Every year, World Mental Health Day is held on 10 October, and this year the focus is on mental health in an unequal world.

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September 23, 2021
World Suicide Prevention Day: How to Help Someone You Know

The 10th September each year marks World Suicide Prevention Day. We are keen to join thousands of people and organisations across the globe to prevent lives from being lost to suicide. The aim of this campaign is to find better ways to empower and educate individuals and companies, so we can work together to ensure…

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February 24, 2021
Valentines day and self love

The day that celebrates love and affection came and went yesterday. Many of us enjoyed expressing our love to others with greetings and gifts. And that makes us feel good! However, if we consider the idea that “self-love” might also give us the same feelings of greatness, does it become easier to achieve? Written to…

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February 15, 2019
Why did I quit Internet

The internet is an addiction. I didn?t realise this until I stopped using it. I have been off the internet for about a week now. Well, not completely. But I have blocked all the sites I used compulsively ? social media, news sites, and TV and video sites. The effect so far? Surprisingly dramatic. My…

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January 18, 2019
Chakra Launch new website!

Chakra have a brand new website!

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October 2, 2018
A Prisoner in My Own Mind: What Anxiety is Really Like

Emotions can sometimes feel like they're overtaking your whole life, especially when in comes to stress in our environments. Stress automatically created a negative energy for me and brought me down. Sometimes the fighting doesn't become the flight and I become down and completely overwhelmed by what. My brain is telling me in feeling rather than how…

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