What?s next? Men?s Health Week in York with a special focus on anger.

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Chakra?s Mental Strength for the Nation Tour is in full swing. We delivered two powerful full-day events around creating mentally health workplaces during Leeds Wellbeing Week in March and launched our masterclass series with Leeds Rhinos? Stevie Ward as keynote speaker.

Last week we moved on to Manchester for Mental Health Awareness Week and had a great day exploring the most prominent mental health issues affecting workplaces and what support strategies colleagues could use to encourage mentally healthy ways of being for all staff.On Wednesday 13th June, we visit York. Men?s Health Week is fast approaching and we have another event planned to further reduce the stigma around men?s mental health. We have all heard much about the rates of suicide being significantly higher for men than they are for women and the most recent ONS data reinforces this saddening statistic again, with 75% of people ending their own lives being men and boys. Suicide is the ultimate cost of mental health difficulties and we seek to apply an early intervention approach to tackling mental ill-health at the earliest stage.

This means picking up on feelings of anxiety, depression and stress and responding to ourselves in a way which encourages feelings of control and security and eroding those of helplessness and fear. Together, we will unpick each mental health diagnosis, understanding the signs, symptoms and indicators as well as medication and treatment options and healthy coping strategies for each.

Harder to Tell

There are differences in the way men respond to situations of mental ill-health and it is important to acknowledge how we can use a range of support strategies to support male colleagues and understand what is most effective for them specifically. Problems with alienation and isolation are likely to result from damages to pride, purpose and meaning when working with men and they are coping strategies for these are again more likely to come in the form of destructive behaviours, substance abuse and involvement in high-risk activities. We know that men are less likely to use mental health support services than women due to fear of stigma and therefore more likely to suffer in silence.


Our York event will pay particular attention to issues of anger and aggression and how these feelings are often an indicator of our long-term mental health circumstances. Anger is often used to ?mask? other, more vulnerable feelings, and our exploration of what anger can tell us and how we can express it more healthily will encourage an emotionally intelligent way of thinking and promote our understanding of personal patterns to a greater degree. The outcome is the ability to monitor our own state of mental health, ours and others? indicators of poor mental health and the knowing of how to move to a more positive state of mind through greater self-awareness. Anger is a normal, healthy emotion. It is only when we hold on to angry thoughts for longer than necessary that it may become damaging to our mental health and blur the clarity of thinking.

Guest Speakers

We have an all-male guest-speaker line-up for our Men?s Health Week event and our guest speakers will share their personal stories of mental health difficulty and recovery, what helped most and expert insights into what it means to be a mentally healthy man.

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