Empower a team of supportive mental health advocates

Wellbeing Champions 

Course length:  24 Hours
How many people:  8-15
Location:  Your Workplace
Why Businesses Need More than Mental Health First Aid.

Mental Health First Aiders are a worthy presence in any business and can send out a message that ?it is okay to be not okay?. However, empowering staff to have the courage to come and open up about their mental health struggles in a working environment can be tough. 

The ethical and therapeutic underpinnings of our work ensure that Wellbeing Champions are primarily able to monitor their own mental health state. We recognise that an emotionally supportive role often means that we absorb lots of heavy feeling from others and therefore making sure that our own positive energies are constantly reviewed and topped up is paramount.

The areas of self-care and self-awareness are core to Wellbeing Champions training. As the saying goes, ?you can?t pour from an empty cup?, so our message is that your mental health advocates can only give to others if they have given enough to themselves. 

Wellbeing champions adopt a role that encourages and promotes a psychologically safe working environment throughout the year. Our training will provide an understanding of how wellbeing champions can undertake a number of activities that help people feel good about coming to work, helping manage risks to the mental health of staff and encouraging and supporting mentally unwell staff. Wellbeing Champions ensure that there is a zero-tolerance to mental health discrimination at work.

A core part of this training is understanding how mentally unwell staff can be encouraged to feel confident in having a conversation about their concerns, and how wellbeing champions can make a real difference by creating a safe environment and using specific communication skills that help manage a sensitive and fragile discussion. There will be an opportunity to practice the use of core counselling skills, non-threatening and open questions.

Three-day course delivered at your workplace. Course sections can be split and delivered in a way that meets your business needs and the time-availability of your staff.

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How to feel confident in having a sensitive conversation
How to recognise and support mentally unwell staff
How to implement an effective mental health strategy
How to manage the risks of mental ill-health in the workplace
How to help people feel good about coming to work
How to manage own exposure to negative events
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