Taster Sessions

Our taster sessions are a light touch introduction to what Chakra has to offer. Over the one or two hour sessions you will gain a solid understanding of the wider corporate wellbeing area and how it will help you employees and teams.

One Hour Session

We know how to breathe life into tired teams in 60 minutes and provide a solid foundation which inspires the curiosity that staff can build upon independently. Our masterclasses really do pack a punch! 

These energising taster sessions introduce our captivating content in an easily-digestible format that gets staff thinking about how they could do more for themselves and reap the rewards.

Ideal for:
? Learning lunches
? Breakfast sessions
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Two Hour Session

All the impact of our one-hour tasters with greater depth, influence on culture and stimulation of discussion back in the office. Practical tools and techniques will be addressed and consideration given to applying these in your working environment. 

Two-hour sessions are the perfect solution for time-pressured teams when a full-day course isn?t possible. 

Ideal for:
? Staff development days
? Away days
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Feeling the Chakra benefit?

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