Take control of your emotional responses

Stress, Resilience and Relaxation course

Course length: 16 hours
How many people:  8-15
Location:  Your Workplace
Stress is still the most prevalent mental health condition in business, and a leading cause of sickness absence in the UK. Many issues can cause work-related stress, but there may also be concerns outside of work that are impacting employee stress-levels in the workplace.

Our stress, resilience and relaxation course investigates how different levels of work stress can take their toll on performance and physical health. 

We will address the important difference between pressure and stress and the way both these human responses manifest themselves in the brain. This logical understanding can give staff a greater sense of control that comes with understanding what exactly is happening in the brain and body when we become stressed. We will investigate the need for healthy levels of stress and understand how this primordial response is designed to help us survive. We will move on to discuss the notion of emotional resilience and the way in which we are born with a particular level of resilience, including how we can build on this to become more flexible in our thinking and adapt to change in the workplace. This understanding of resilience will be split into short term solutions and longer term behaviours that will assist in us becoming mentally stronger individuals over. 

Finally, we will define relaxation in a way that recognises the fundamental concept of self-care in order to recover from stressful experiences and return positive energy into our physical and cognitive systems. Self-care is a human responsibility that we all have and the final section of the workplace wellbeing course will reinforce this perspective, including the multiple benefits of self-care that can be gained with regular relaxation and implementing this in time-efficient and achievable ways aligned with our lifestyles.

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How to distinguish between feelings of high pressure and stress
How to measure our personal levels of resilience
How to use specific tools and techniques to immediately diffuse stress
How to look after colleagues that are experiencing unmanaged stress
How to practice regular relaxation and self-care
How to regularly monitor personal levels of stress and be able to keep these controlled and healthy
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