Allow some space for healthy reflection to recover from intense working

Relax and Reflect 
Wellbeing Workshop

Course length:  2 Hours
How many people:  8-15
Location:  Your Workplace
If your workplace is tapping into the vast area of workplace wellbeing, Relax and Reflect is the perfect way to introduce ways of preserving mental health in a light-hearted and easily-digestible way. 

This mind, body and spirit style session will support colleagues in developing an understanding of how they can be more in tune with their own levels of wellbeing and maintaining positive mental health using different styles of healthy emotional expression.

We will practice different forms of meditation that bring our physical, mental and emotional beings together into a state of complete union and calm. These different styles can be applied in any environment and do not require specific environments or time-investments to be successful.

Part of this session will include insight into artistic expression and creative therapy that can be indulged in with others or on our own. These exercises can be very helpful for balancing our mental state and helping us feel more grounded in regulating our feelings through activities such as breathing effectively and changing our physiology.

We will understand how adopting an attitude of gratitude can instantly crush unhealthy feelings including fear, sadness and apprehension as we move our thinking towards more positive aspects of our situations.

Ideal for any staff that are interested in improving their mental health.

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How to feel more comfortable with reflecting on your patterns and applying changes
How to reduce stress using quick and easy techniques
How to introduce relaxation into your regular working routine
How to loosen up your body and feel mentally and physically calmer
How to use creative practices to aid a relaxed state
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