Be in the moment and develop your focus

Mindfulness Meditation Wellbeing Workshop

Course length:  2 Hours
How many people:  8-15
Location:  Your Workplace
An introduction to the ancient Buddhist roots of mindfulness and investigation of how it has evolved with modern application.

The simple concepts of mindfulness have gained popularity in many businesses in recent years and employees across the world now embrace it to be more productive and feel calmer by giving more attention to the present moment. We will explore how mindfulness meditation can aid and heal multiple physical and mental health conditions including stress, anxiety, depression, addiction and chronic pain.

The philosophy is that the human brain has evolved so incredibly since the days we were cave dwellers, that we now begin to solve problems that haven't even occurred. We are often imagining the possible outcomes to situations in the present, therefore thinking in the future and this can evoke anxiousness. If we are not thinking about possible outcomes in the future, it is likely that we are reflecting on events that have happened in the past and reinforcing their impact on us; this can elicit feelings of low mood. 

We will end with a practical demonstration of mindfulness and be able to reap the rewards of immediate calm and relaxation as well as developed focus.

Ideal for any staff that are interested in improving their mental health.

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How to give full attention to the present moment as oppose to mental distractions from the past and future.
How to feel calmer and more relaxed, instantly
How to reduce anxiety and low mood
How to silence the distractions of the world around you
How to make decisions faster
How to improve social relationships
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