Hot Tip for Resilience: Chakra?s P?s to Overcome Stress

Resilience is the elasticity that helps us ?spring back into shape? when adversity strikes. Personal levels of resilience vary from individual to individual. Some stressful situations are easier to deal with than others. A lot of the time, overcoming stress comes down to making choices and taking action... so decision-making is a huge part of becoming more resilient, but it?s not always easy!

Chakra?s 3 P?s for Resilience help us make decision easier and alleviate feelings of stress.

We focus on:

What?s Positive? Consider that our brains are naturally wired to focus on what is negative. This is a survival strategy as our brain wants to be aware of anything it perceives as threatening to our existence. We can train our brains against this and think about what positive elements we can draw upon in a stressful situation. This could be a number of resources, people we have for support or things we may have overlooked whilst feeling stressed.

What?s Possible? When we recognise what is possible in our situation, we can become more creative in our thinking and reflect on how we can use these positive aspects to imagine what might become possible for us if we used them. This technique gets our brain thinking in imaginative and creative ways, distancing us from the stress response.

What?s Primary? Thinking about what is primary is about us drawing upon the knowledge gained from what is positive and possible. We are now in a position where we are able to identify what things we can do and make a decision on what it is that we want to do first. Using one aspect and putting this into action means we are already making choices and proactively dealing with our stressor. As we do this, we are building our own levels of resilience!

  • Acceptance
  • Safety
  • Transparency
  • Healthy Challenge
  • Achievement
  • Commitment
  • Consistency

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