Identify and support the mental health of your people

Demystifying Mental Health at Work: 
Awareness and Interventions

Course length:  8-16 hours
Group size:  8-15
Location:  Your workplace
The area of mental health at work can often seem complex and tricky to work with. This misconception can put businesses off exploring the mental health of their people, simply because they don?t know what works or where to start.

Our Demystifying Mental Health at Work course is designed to break the stigma of mental health at work by introducing the subject in a light and jargon-free way. We will present the most prominent mental health issues that affect businesses in a way that can be easily understood, paying particular attention to the signs symptoms and indicators of chronic stress, anxiety and depression as well as the more serious mental health struggles such as psychosis and suicidal thoughts. 

Our focus is to support staff in seeing the more human aspect of mental health, to elicit feelings of empathy and understanding and thereon strengthen the relationships and support networks that exist between colleagues. We will introduce a range of therapeutic and practical coping strategies that can be used to alleviate mental health problems in the working environment and that staff can share with one another to encourage a more open and encouraging workplace culture. 

This course will address the importance of effective communication between staff in order to help colleagues feel understood and valued, and herein more likely to stay in work if mentally unwell and seek support than isolate or attempt to conceal their struggles. 

Course sections can be split and delivered in a way that meets your business needs and the time-availability of your staff. Ideal for all staff and in particular line-management and HR.

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How to recognise the impact of poor mental health in your business
How to recognise the signs and symptoms of mentally unwell colleagues
How to introduce practical coping strategies to empower a mentally unwell colleague
How to signpost to appropriate professional support services
How to initiate a sensitive conversation with a mentally unwell colleague
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