Corporate Wellbeing Solutions

Businesses often fear that discussing mental health openly will open up lots of sensitive conversation and problems that the management and human resource teams are unable to manage. Our training programmes are delivered and facilitated by an expert team of therapists and wellbeing practitioners to ensure people are kept safe and in control. Our emphasis on the empowerment of staff using practical coping strategies to manage their own mental health means the pressure to management and HR is alleviated rather than increased.

From one-to-one therapy and wellbeing assessments, through to mental health training, taster sessions, group therapy and interactive online learning, our corporate wellbeing packages will be designed to suit the mental health circumstances of you and your people. There is no 'one-size-fits-all when it comes to mental health and we will make sure your business needs are fulfilled to result in mentally-well teams.

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What our clients say:

"The points about meditation and how to relax your mind were very interesting. I was doing some things beforehand but now I know how to do them better. I think that helped a lot and it has helped other staff members here as well."

Daima Tafzeel
Health & Wellbeing Champion

"Just what I needed to kickstart my wellbeing journey. I feel much more in control of my stressors and know how to reduce them.”

Justine Mooney
HR & OD Consultant
Justine Mooney HR & OD Consulting

“Completely different to other mental health workshops. Not typical videos/exercises.”

Grace Thompson
Attendance Manager
West Midlands Trains

"The courses are engaging and constructive that will help people understand how to deal with stress, how to develop mental resilience, it is about building strength.”

Jonathan Oxley
Managing Partner
Lupton Fawcett

"Relationships between colleagues are stronger."

Katie Cook
Team Leader
Morrison Utility Services

"Just what I needed to kickstart my wellbeing journey. I feel much more in control of my stressors and know how to reduce them."

Steve Groves
Integral Financial Planning

"I really enjoyed your presentation. I was particularly impressed with the emphasis on the science behind the way the body and mind react to stress and its tendency to propagate it rather than control it."

Mark Foster
Sphere 43

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