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Building Your Mental Strength Toolkit Wellbeing Workshop

Course length:  2 Hours
How many people:  8-15
Location:  Your Workplace
Strategies for Working Under High-Pressure: Silencing Your Inner Critic and Diffusing Toxic Feelings

This session will help those in highly-pressurised roles to enhance their performance and stay mentally well when working longer hours or striving to meet a looming deadline. Intense working for long periods often results in an exhausted ability to think clearly and can manifest toxic negative feelings including anxiousness, loneliness and stress. Ultimately, we are at risk of burnout if working this way frequently.

As we progress through this session, we will reflect on the self-critical messages that we might internalise when feeling stressed and understand how to lessen the noise of these thoughts to be able to focus with clarity. We will move on to consider effective solutions for getting rid of unhelpful feelings by adapting our thoughts and refreshing our mental energy with energising techniques such as visualisation, safe acknowledgement of emotion and a more powerful inner dialogue.

Course sections can be split and delivered in a way that meets your business needs and the time-availability of your staff.

Ideal for any staff that are interested in improving their mental health.

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How to increase self-awareness and adopt a greater sense of control when feeling stressed
How to notice when current mood state is getting in the way of best performance
How to identify personal and emotional triggers
How to use a range of practical coping strategies to tap into most productive mood states
How to be your most resourceful, energised and motivated when under pressure and stress
How to remain calm and relaxed when circumstances don't go as planned
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