Ensure your people respond positively to business changes

Adapting to change with confidence and resilience wellbeing workshop

Course length:  2 Hours
How many people:  8-15
Location:  Your workplace
We are delighted to present this two-hour session which will equip you with key insights and practical strategies for feeling more confident and resilient when faced with change. 

Be it in our personal or professional lives, change is inevitable and being prepared for the possible changes that life might throw at us can reduce our worries, anxieties and stress-levels when feeling uncertain.

We will begin by exploring the changes that might occur in our personal and working lives and discuss our most common responses to these. By then considering the major feelings that take over when change comes up, we will be able to better understand our personal patterns and the impact of them on our mental and emotional being. Identifying and growing our self-awareness in this way will give us a greater sense of control as we can apply a logical understanding to the way we respond and perhaps even identify some triggers. Using this awareness, together we will work through the problems with change, including the arising of self-doubt and doubt of others, questioning the future and fears of the unknown.

Ideal for any staff that are interested in improving their mental health.

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How to identify and open our perspectives when experiences feelings of fear
How to reframe our thinking to embrace the challenges that come with change
How to use support networks and reflective resources to alleviate unhealthy thoughts
How to feel more confident when faced with the risks of change
How to communicate discomforts when feeling uncertain
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