A Prisoner in My Own Mind: What Anxiety is Really Like

Emotions can sometimes feel like they're overtaking your whole life, especially when in comes to stress in our environments. Stress automatically created a negative energy for me and brought me down. Sometimes the fighting doesn't become the flight and I become down and completely overwhelmed by what. My brain is telling me in feeling rather than how I'm actually feeling.

I like to think of myself as a calm person who doesn't react drastically under pressure or stress, but recently I've experienced a whole range of stress and emotions I have never experienced before. My brain has gone into overdrive and I felt more trapped in my own brains stress than ever. I just want to cry and be alone.

I thought I was strong minded but after realising that emotions and more importantly stress can impact your decisions I decided I need to sort things out. That was the first step for me and a very good one in fact; to actually realise something wasn't right and that I needed to help to sort the problem. I didn't want to become a prisoner in my own mind! I spoke to Zainah about my problems and how anxious they were making me. She was so understanding and offered her professional advice that was completely tailored to my situation. It felt amazing to be listened to and have someone on your side than the constant fight with myself.

I started to use her mindfulness techniques to refocus myself when I felt an episode of insecurity coming to me, I realised that the problem wasn't caused by what I thought it was caused by, but more importantly I realised that it wasn't my fault; and I'm not afraid to throw myself in at the deep end as I know I am able to turn the negative energy stress into excitement to get me through. I am now learning to be in control of stress and how to handle it in everyday situations; thank you to Zainah and Chakra

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